Friday, July 19, 2013

An Abandoned Hotel and Filipino Model M.Elly who is very passionate in modeling and dress up.

Model M.Elly on heavy run

Yestarday we explored an abandoned hotel, we love all the places with an history. At the first time I was kind of scared ’cause you never know who can be there (except you) or if the buildng is really safe but, after the first moments of fear, we started to look around and, in the end, we discoverd the roof and it was pretty amazing!if you want to find the real beauty you have to go where nobody does.

Model M.Elly on high hills

Model M.Elly on open space

Model M.Elly on corridor

Model M.Elly with hand bag

Model M.Elly with footer

Model M.Elly with sunglass

Model M.Elly  relax mode


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