Booby Julia sometimes misspelled Bobby Julia is a model and a belly dancer from Egypt.
Booby Julia is mostly known for being the woman model who appears in most of the melody TV Ads and promos.The concept initially showed Booby Julia all dressed up in a sexy yellow super heroine costume, which was highly regarded as funny and cute. However the concept changed and she started appearing in the Ads differently.
In one of the ads, Booby is involved in a funny cat-fight with Lebanese singer Dana Halabi. The obnoxious Dana (from Booby''s point of view that is) is sitting in a car next to a male driver, and is enumerating all her hit songs, which all happen to have her name in them. The super heroine Booby, who fights boredom and mediocrity in the music industry, rushes to the rescue! They slap each other around before Mr. Melody Man interferes to break them off, not without getting hit himself!In the latest funny promos of Melody, it seems as if they are attempting to cast a new model to play Booby, to the dismay of Julia! The costumes have also taken a blow and are far more conservative now. We hope she won''t get replaced, given she fits her role so beautifully. After all, it is no secret where they got the name Booby Julia from. Booby''s voluptuous bust is a definite trademark!

Bruna Abdullah is a famous MTV India sexy Brazilian model and actress.
Bruna abdullah is quarter Muslim Arabic since her mom was half Muslim
Arabic and half Brazilian and Brunas dad was full Brazilian.
Bruna took role in some bollywood films wearing skimpy tight clothes.
She is famous being tall, having long legs and a hot Spanish Accent. She got raised in
Brazil and uses the screen name Bruna Abdullah since its more relevant to
her Muslim fans who live in Dubai, Pakistan and India.
She really does not practice Islam anymore but since she is around all the famous
Khan celebrity she might become more Islamic in a way or another.
She recently stopped rumors of her being related to Salman Khan.

Amina Kaddur is an Algerian Supermodel.
Amina Kaddur was born in Algeria on the 16th of May 1988.
Amina has appeared on many magazines and in many advertisements especially
in Netherlands.The body specifications of Amina Kaddur model include:
Height: 174 cm
Bust: 80 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 87 cm
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