Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hitomi Aizawa was born on 22th August 1982 in Tokyo, Japan.Her parents are Motamiyah Aizawa and Dilakuwa Aizawa.She has completed her schooling from Search Heart Mission school in Tokyo. Later she has got admitted in Tokyo college of Fine Arts but can't completed her education.Her height 5'4'' ,weight 49 kg and vital 33 X 25 X 35.
Hitomi Aizawa has started her carrier as Car model and road show models for Japanese company.Later she extended her to acting field and become success more than a model.Among the films in which Aizawa has appeared are Drift (2006),Hitorimake (2008), and Cool Girls ( 2009).
Hitomi Aizawa has participated "Air Guitar roadshow" the website cinematopics.com noted that she was the top idol of the gravure world in 2006.
Hitomi Aizawa has appeared in an episode of the Tokyo Metropolitan Televisiondrama Tantei Boogie . The website cinematopics.com interviewed Aizawa about her role in the film Open Water 2 ( 2007), which was based on a true disaster-survival story.In September 2009, Aizawa starred as the title character in a DVD version of the 1980s manga series, Miss Machiko. Advertising for the release made much of Aizawa's prominent bustline.
Hitomi Aizawa has worked in DVD's such as Hitomi no Naka,H (ecchi),Best of You,Hitomi wo Mitsumete,I Zawa Hoshimi: Futari,I Zawa Hoshimi: Kirei,Hitomi Crisis! and many more.
Hitomi Aizawa is a good writer too as she wrote "I am I","Hitomi Crisis!","Himitsu no Bonbaa","Hayaku Shiteyo" and these are gotten much response from the readers across the world.
It is not possible to share Hitomi Aizawa's private life now if it is permitted then we promise to share the secret of Hitomi Aizawa and her life of dark.
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